Armchair File Manager

                             Use the Armchair File Manager to control your Windows home theater PC using its infrared remote control. Armchair allows you to perform light-duty computing tasks from across the room without a keyboard or mouse. Armchair works best when your PC is connected to a widescreen television.

Armchair presents your PC's file structure in the left (file) panel and information about the selected file or directory in the right (information) panel. Press the remote control's OK button to bring up a menu of operations for the selected file or directory.

Key Features
o Explore file system
o Move, rename, delete, print files
o View text, PDF, HTML, Image, Word 2003, Excel 2003 files
o Play media files
o Play slideshows with metadata captions

o Browse the web

o User Guide
o Installation, Program Notes, Licenses
o Revision history
o Screen shots
o sourceforge home page
o sourceforge summary page

o sourceforge download page

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