Armchair File Manager
About v1.1

                             Armchair is Open Source Software. link
(c) Dennis Damico,
BSD License link

Installation Notes
Armchair requires the Windows 32-bit Java Runtime Environment. You may obtain it from: link

Be sure that .jar files are executable, i.e., double-clickable, on your system. If you are not sure how to do this see: link

To install Armchair, open the zip distribution file, move Armchair.jar to a location of your choice.

Execute the program by double-clicking Armchair.jar.


To display slideshows with metadata captions you must also install the ExifTool on your system. Install ExifTool from . The executable should be named exiftool.exe.  The first time you execute Armchair, navigate to exiftool.exe and add it to your Quick Picks.

Armchair does not contain a remote control driver. If you have Windows Media Center and/or a working Media Center Remote Control you should be all set. Other remote controls may also work. A wireless keyboard works too.

Armchair uses Internet Explorer to display HTML files.

Armchair uses Windows Media Player and (if installed) VLC Media Player to play audio and video files. A separate installation of VLC is recommended to permit more media types to play. Download VLC from When installing, be sure to install the web browser plugins.

Armchair requires the AutoHotkey program to control windows other than the main Armchair application window.  (If a window other than Armchair becomes the active window you will not be able to control it with the remote control.) Download AutoHotkey from Use the Armchair "Enable Window Control" setting to enable it.

This version of Armchair was tested with:
-Windows 7 Ultimate SP1
-Windows Vista Ultimate SP2
-Java Runtime Environment, Version 6 Update 26
-VLC Media Player, Version 1.1.10
-AutoHotkey, Version

Limitations, warnings, and known problems:
-The built-in web browser is limited in its capabilities, especially in magnification and forms management.
-Armchair can explore zip files but cannot display or open the files within them.

-Some Word files are incorrectly reported as corrupt and will not open. This may be because the file was created in an older version of Word.
-There is no explicit error report when a media file cannot be played.

Armchair contains these open source components:

Rdx File Manager, Version 1.6, 17-Oct-2006
(c) Ruslan Isakiev,
Academic Free License

DJ Project: Native Swing, Version 1.0.1, 18-Mar-2011
(c) Christopher Deckers,
GNU Lesser General Public License

PDF Renderer, 15-Mar-2009
GNU Lesser General Public License

Apache POI, Version 3.6, 15-Dec-2009
Apache License Version 2.0

Java Virtual Keyboard, 02-Feb-2009
(c) 2009, Till Woitendorf (t68)
BSD License

LnkParser class, 23-Mar-2009 windows-shortcut-lnk-parser-in-java
Stefan Cordes,

Mouser, Version 1.0, Nov-2006 hack-attack-operate-your-mouse-with-your-keyboard-212816.php
(c) Adam Pash,
Creative Commons License

ExifTool, Version 8.46, 22-Jan-2011
(c) Phil Harvey
Perl License

Moss Image Component, Version, 6-Sep-2009
(c) Wyatt Olson
GNU General Public License

Centering text vertically in JEditorPane.
(c) 2003-2010 Stanislav Lapitsky.

FastPhotoTagger, Version 1.0, 15-Apr-2011
(c) Dennis Damico,
GNU General Public License .