Armchair File Manager
Revision History

                             02-Jul-2011 v1.1
o Added View Slideshow menu command and Slideshow Settings. Slideshows can optionally display image metadata as captions.
o FIXED: HTML page magnification is improved for some web sites.
o FIXED: An alert is issued when an HTML form cannot be properly handled.

07-Sep-2010 v1.0
o Changed Window Control so that the focus rectangle and crosshairs cursor immediately appear when Window Control is activated.
o Changed Window Control so that it activates whether or not Armchair is the active window.
o Enabled limited use of the mouse when viewing HTML pages.

05-Jul-2010 v0.5.beta
o Updated documentation to reflect some program limitations.
o Documented that the embedded web browser attempts to suppress all popup windows.
o FIXED: HTML page magnification is improved for many web sites.
o FIXED: On some systems the focus rectangle and crosshairs were white, and difficult to see.
o FIXED: Attempting to open an encrypted zip file produced a log file entry and not an error message.

04-Jun-2010 v0.4.alpha
o Added Enable/Disable Window Control setting to allow use of AutoHotkey script to control non-Armchair windows. AutoHotkey must be installed on the system in order to use this setting.
o Renamed Favorites to Quick Picks to avoid confusion with web browser Favorites.
o Added Add to Favorites menu item for web pages.
o Added Left Click Again menu command.

o Changed crosshairs cursor to be length and width of entire window, not just the focus rectangle. Changed focus rectangle color to be black. Increased thickness of crosshairs and focus rectangles for some font sizes.
o Added support for VOL+, VOL-, and MUTE remote control buttons.
o Added support for Page Up/Down keyboard keys for scrolling the information panel.
o Changed the file panel listing order to case insensitive.
o Documented use of CLEAR remote control button or Esc key to close full screen mode.
o Changed selected menu item colors to white and blue.

o FIXED: Left Clicks were occasionally ignored.
o FIXED: Added possible causes to Move, Delete, Rename error messages.

28-Apr-2010, v0.3.alpha

o HTML and web page menu commands were added: Position Pointer, Left Click, Back, Forward, Reload, Enter Text, Enter URL.
o FIXED: mouse clicking in a displayed text file could "steal" focus making Armchair inoperable.
o FIXED: If you mouseclick a link when viewing an HTML file there is no way to get back to Armchair with just the remote control.
o FIXED: Only the outermost scroll bars on a web site can be scrolled.
o FIXED: Some web sites may "steal" the focus from Armchair, making the remote control inoperable.

o FIXED: VLC cannot open files through a local network path, e.g., \\system\....\file.mpg.
o FIXED: HTML files cannot be viewed through a local network path, e.g., \\system....\file.html.

23-Mar-2010, v0.2.alpha
o The Open menu command now displays files in full window mode.
o The Scroll Enable/Disable menu commands have been replaced by Open/Close.
o Magnify/Shrink menu commands have been added for use with PDF and HTML files.
o VLC is now used to play certain media types.  VLC must be installed separately.
o FIXED: Excel files failed to open if any cell formula evaluated to an error.
o FIXED: Navigating the file panel using a keyboard could put Armchair into an inconsistent state.
o FIXED: HTML pages that present a form, such as a login form, could sometimes "steal" focus, making Armchair inoperable.

02-Mar-2010, v0.1.alpha

o First release